Top 6 Must-Read Books for New Real Estate Agents

Dated: August 15 2022

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If you're new to the field, then you'll know that the journey of a real estate agent isn't an easy one - juggling buyers, sellers, listings, and time-sensitive contracts isn't an easy road, and not everybody can do it. But if you're armed with the right knowledge, you can overcome anything that comes your way!

So, if you're a new real estate agent and want to arm yourself with the right knowledge for career success, here are the top six must-read books to add to your library:

1) The Honest Real Estate Agent by Mario Jannatpour

Mario Jannatpour is a well-respected real estate agent and author. In his book, "The Honest Real Estate Agent", he teaches new (and old) real estate agents the ropes of the business. The book covers topics such as successfully working with buyers, handling difficult situations, and the value of honesty and trustworthiness in business!

2) The Millionaire Real Estate Agent by Gary Keller

You can't go wrong with The Millionaire Real Estate Agent, written by Gary Keller! In his book, he discusses the importance of having a business plan and how to build a successful real estate business. The book covers:

  • Productivity

  • Economic, organizational, and lead generation models

  • How to earn, net, and receive a million in your yearly income

Many successful real estate agents have confessed to reading this book several times in their careers for its value. Juddie Collins says, "Been reading it since 2015 and got new insights every single time I open it."

3) The Book of YES by Kevin Ward

If you're looking for a book that will teach you how to get more listings, The Book of YES is for you! This book was written by Kevin Ward, who's one of the top real estate trainers in the world. In it, he covers topics such as building a rapport with sellers, handling objections from buyers, and many scripts that are geared at getting you a YES in your career. You'll definitely find value in this book if you're looking for new (and natural) ways to make your sales.

4) The Miracle Morning for Real Estate Agents by Hal Elrod

The Miracle Morning is a book that has helped thousands of struggling agents transform their lives. In the real estate agent edition, Hal Elrod teaches you how to start your morning and make the rest of the day great for you and your business. You'll also learn how to speed up your success in real estate. In this book, he partners with agents like Michael Maher, Michael Reese, and Jay Kinder to tailor the message specifically for real estate agents.

5) Winning Secrets No One Tells New Real Estate Agents by E. Aranda

This book appears on this list because it covers topics such as time management, building a strong brand, and generating leads. By reading Aranda's work, you'll be able to avoid many of the pitfalls that new real estate agents face and focus more on what will help you succeed. And what's more, you'll be able to learn from other people's experiences instead of having to learn on your own the hard way!

6) Success Faster on Fire Hot by Julie Nelson

Just starting out in real estate or been in the business a while but unhappy with your performance? Then Success Faster on Fire Hot by Julie Nelson is for you! In this value-packed book, Julie lays out expert advice, inspiration, tips, and ideas for real estate success. The book tells you what to do and directly points out the areas of improvement to help you become bigger and better. Once done reading, you'll be empowered to focus on your core strengths and be productive as a person and as a business!


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